BesiWell (Powder)



BesiWell (strain : beauveria bassiana spp) is highly effective natural occurring biological
insecticides based on an eco-friendly fungus Beauveria bassiana spp.
It infects all stages of insect, including eggs, larvae, pupae, grubs,
nymphs, hoppers, and adult. The spores attach to insect cuticle,
germinate and penetrate into insect body. It also produces certain
toxins which cause mortality of insect. Pest reduction leads to
improved plant health and thereby increased crop production.

Crops: Suitable for all crops like Cereals,Millets, Pulses, oilseeds, Fibercrops,
Sugar crops, Foragecrops, Plantation crops,Vegetables, Fruit plants, Spices, Flowers,
Medicinal crops, Orchards & Ornamentals.

Target Disease : Besi Well effectively controls many pests like caterpillars, weevil, Leafhoppers, bugs, grubs,
lepidopterous, borers, white fly, aphids, scale insecter, locust and leaf-feeding insects.