MYCOGOLD -Mycorrhizal biofertilizer

Better root development (For All Crops)

Application: Apply 100 gm MYCOGOLD either by seed treatment mix with organic manure and apply directly onto the field and cover with soil or cultivate the field so as to mix them in soil. Broadcasting RR with organic manure on soil and then irrigating the field is also recommended. Prefer to apply MYCOGOLD during the early stage of the crops.

Target Crops: All Field crops, fruit crops, and vegetables. Cotton, onion, garlic, cumin, potato, tomato, sugarcane, turf, ornamentals, Forest plantation crops.

Dose: 100gm / Acre.

Infective Potential (IP) is 3000 IP / Gram

Spore Count: 250 Per /Gram

10 Lac IP Total Propugals