Microwell Mix micronutrient


Microwell Mix micronutrient

Specification: As per FCO Fe 4%, Zn 6%, Mn 1%, Cu 0.5%, Boron 0.5%

Application: Chelated Mix Micro contains a balanced composition of all microelements, namely, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Zine, and Boron Of these metallic elements are fully chelated by EDTA and Boron is completely soluble salt. Since there is a perfect balance of all the micronutrients, a prophylactic application of Chelated Mix Micro virtually ensures a micro-nutrient deficiency-free crop, with excellent health of the crop and finest quality of produce.


• It helps in photosynthesis for better absorption of carbon dioxide and works like a catalyst to get Tripotophone. It is best in flowering crops for developing fruit & grains

• Helps in carbohydrate metabolism

• Involved in Chlorophyll and Protein production • Corrects deficiency of all important micronutrients Zn, Fe, Ca, Mn, B

• Crop strengthening under stress situations. (Pests & diseases, extreme climatic conditions, etc.)