Key Feature – easy to use water soluble, light weightnutria-bio
is blend of natural microbes and nutrients. It helps plant to available
to all nutrient in soil and air to grow crop naturally , chemical free
with the greater yield. Nutria-bio can be used to grow any type of
crops residue free.

  • azoto/aceto/rhyzo/azospi
  • frateuriaaurantia SPP
  • bacillusmegaterium SPP
  • vesicular-arbuscularmycorrhiza

Instructions for use

  • For all crops at any stage of the crop from showing to the flowering stage
  • Apply preferably in the early evening, out of the sun
  • Water (proper moisture) is essential at the time of soil application
  • Use only the prescribed dosage
  • Minimum 2 applications preferable in the whole crop cycle