Key Feature –Nema-care (strain : bio Insecticides consortia )  is dextrose base product easy to use water
soluble, lightweight. Nema-care is blending highly effective natural
occurring spore and mycelia of bio-insecticides. Which cultivated in mass
and viability maintained by latest lyophilized technology. Nema-care
controls almost all types of soil nematodesAlso induces immunity against
pest and insect as well relief environmental stress. It helps plant to grow
faster and healthier naturally, minimize risk of nematodes-pest-insects
throughout growing session .Chemical free with the greater yield can be
used to grow any type of crops residue free.

  • Beauveria bassiana spp
  • Paecilomyces lilacinus spp
  • Metarhizium anisopliae spp

Target Nematodes
citrus nematodes, and eggs –larvae-pupae-grubs-nymph’s-hoppers and adults of pest-like caterpillars-leaf
hoppers-bugs-grubs-army worm–beetle-weevil-white grub,
like root-knot nematodes, root lesion nematodes,cyst nematodes,burrowing nematodes.