Key Feature
lightweight. Root-zone  (strain : bio Insecticides consortia) is blend of biological active microbial
consortia. Which cultivated in mass and viability maintained by latest
lyophilized technology. Root-zone controls almost all type of harmful
fungus and induces immunity against fungus as well relief
environmental stress. It helps plant to grow faster and healthier
naturally by PGPR activity, minimize risk of fungal disease and root
pest. Chemical free with the greater yield Root-zone can be used to
dextrose base product easy to use water soluble,
grow any type of crops residue free.

  • vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza.
  • bacillus subtilis spp.
  • paenibacillus spp.
  • trichoderma viridee spp.
  • bacillusamylo liquefaciens.

Target Disease: Highly effective to control diseases like Root rot, Stem rot, Collar rot, Wilt, Blight, Leaf spots, Anthracnose,
Alternaria and Downy & Powdery mildew, Damping off of chilly. Pythium, Xanthomonas, Rhizoctonia, Botrytis, Oidiopsis,
Leveillula, Phakospora, Sclerotium, Phytopthora and Pernospora. Brysiphe Spp., Oidium Spp. Blumeria Spp., Sphaerotheca Spp.,
Leveillula Spp. Microsphaera Spp., Uncinula Spp. root wilt, seedling rot, early blight, late blight, leaf spot, mildew diseases in the crop.