Vertiguard (strain : verticillium lecanii spp. ) is a biological insecticide based on an eco-friendly
fungus Verticillium lecanii. This fungus when coming in contact with
the cuticle of target insects germinate and grow directly through
the cuticle to the inner body of its host. This fungus proliferates
throughout the insect’s body, draining the insect of nutrients and
eventually killing it. Pest reduction leads to improved plant health
and thereby increased crop productivity.

Crops : Suitable for all crops like Cereals, Millets, Pulses, oilseeds, Fibercrops,
Sugar crops, Foragecrops, Plantation crops, Vegetables, Fruit plants, Spices, Flowers,
Medicinal crops, Orchards & Ornamentals.

Target Pests: It effectively controls most of the important pests like aphids, thrips, mealy bugs, white flies, jassids,
hoppers, scales, and all types of mites.