Microwell Ca


Microwell Ca

Specification:  As per FCO

Calcium content (Expressed as Ca) percent by weight minimum in the form of Ca-EDTA: 10%

Specification:  As per FCO Iron content (Expressed as Fe) percent by weight minimum in the form of FeEDTA: 12% Microwell Ca Product Description: A soluble micro granular Ca EDTA complex 10.0% minimum Calcium. Calcium is completely cheated with EDTA & is 100% soluble in water, pH stability range: of 4-9 in an aqueous solution Application:

Application: Dissolve 0.5-1.0 g of Calcium per litter of water for foliar application. Use 250-500g per spray per Acer on a standing crop. Increase the dose depending on the severity of Iron deficiency. Use 0.6-1.2 kg of Microwell Calcium per Acer per application, for Drip irrigation depending upon crop requirement.



• Microwell Ca-makes Calcium available to plants.

• Microwell Ca-improves mobility of Calcium to plants.

• Microwell Ca-corrects the deficiency of Calcium in crops at every stage and improves plant growth, and productivity by enhancing flowering and fruit quality.

• Microwell Ca-helps to avoid problems of horticulture crops like – Fruit cracking, and flower dropping, and prevent blossom end rot in tomatoes, Chilli & Spongy tissue in mango.

• Microwell Ca-It improves cell strength and manages the environmental stress condition for plants.

• Microwell Ca-It is very much stable in alkaline medium, so it gives good results in alkaline soil and water. Microwell Ca-It is useful for all crops.