Our Innovation at Wellcrop

Research and Development

Wellcrop is one of the few companies in India with complete infrastructure for biotech R&D, process development & large scale fermentation facility for production of agribiotech product. Wellcrop has in-house pilot fermentation and production fermentation facilities for process development, scale-up and production. Our multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers & project managers have strong experience in executing various projects on fermentation derived products.

Wellcrop is also working on area of strain improvement, media optimization and scaling up product from R&D to Pilot and commercial scale.

With the ultimate goal of enhancing soil health and livelihoods in developing countries around the world, our work at the present focuses on bridging the disconnects between research, development, and commercialization. We work to realize a shared vision of the end of hunger by collaborating with development partners, international organizations, corporate sector organizations, and local business owners. By developing and disseminating moderate, efficient fertilizer solutions, Wellcrop plays a vital role in overcoming these global issues.The research and development work involved in Wellcrop solutions covers a wide range of subjects, including production chain research, applied science on soil systems, the creation of cutting-edge fertiliser products and application technologies, the development of market systems to strengthen input and output value chains, policy analysis to enhance fertiliser importation, the growth of businesses, and the uptake of fertiliser and other soil fertility technologies by subsistence farmers.