Key Feature –Bio Safe (strain : bio Insecticides consortia) dextrose base product easy to use water soluble,
lightweight. Bio safe is blend of biological active microbes and fungus.
Which cultivated in mass and viability maintained by latest lyophilized
technology. Bio safe controls almost all insects, pests, larva, eggs and fly
and induces immunity against pest and insect as well relief environmental
stress. It helps plant to grow faster and healthier naturally, it minimize
risk pest. Chemical free with the greater yield. Bio-Safe can be used to
grow any type of crops residue free.

  • bacillus thuringiensis spp.
  • beauveria bassiana spp.
  • verticillium ssp.
  • metarhizium anisopliae ssp.

Target Pest/Insect : effectively controls many pests like caterpillars, weevil, Leafhoppers, bugs, grubs, lepidopterous,
borers, whitefly, aphids, scale insecter, locust and leaf-feeding insects Termites, Root grubs, Locusts, Root weevils, ants,
beetles, caterpillar (Munda) pests, Lepidopetrous pests, aphids, thrips , mealy bugs, whiteflies, jassids , hoppers, scale
and all type of mites.