Microwell CaB


Microwell CaB

Specification: As per FCO Calcium content (Expressed as Ca) & Boron Content (Expressed as B) percent by weight minimum in the form of CaB-EDTA: Ca-6%, CaB-5.5%

Application: Microwell -CaB Can be applied to plants by drip & Foliar spray 250 – 500g per Acre for drip irrigation, 0.5 to 1gm/L for foliar spray. Frequency or number of sprays to be decided on the severity of the deficiency, to be applied at the time from flowering to fruit Maturation


• Microwell CaB makes both Calcium and Boron available to plants.

• Microwell CaB-improves mobility of Calcium & Boron to plant.

• Microwell CaB corrects the deficiency of Calcium & Boron in crops at every stage and improves plant growth, and productivity by enhancing flowering and fruit quality.

• Microwell CaB-Mobile boron help in flower initiation, pollination, and fruiting quality.

• Microwell CaB helps to void problems of horticulture crops like – Fruit cracking, and flower dropping. and prevent blossom end rot in tomato, Chilli & Spongy tissue in mango.

• Microwell CaB-It improves cell strength, balances water equilibrium, and manages the environmental stress condition for plants.

• Microwell CaB-It is very much stable in alkaline medium, so it gives good results in alkaline soil, and water • Microwell CaB is used for all crops